Alton Bay Ice Airport

Here are some pictures and articles of the Alton Bay Ice Airport 
when it was maintained by Ossipee Valley Aviation

Taylorcraft On Ice  ~ Click here to see Mike's Talorcraft Pictures at Alton Bay Ice Airport2-11-08 - Did you get a chance to sneak into the Ice Airport before we had to close the runway? No? Too bad... but at least Mike and Glen were able to make some last minute inspections with the Taylorcraft. Here's a note from Mike: "I had to go up to the lake Saturday. Runways was "ok" but taxi way was awful. We ended up closing the runway. However, we did manage to get the skis on the taylorcraft and both glen and I got current."

Pictures From Paul Fleming ~ 2-3-08 - Do you have some great shots of the ice airport you would like to share? Send them in and we'll post them right here at the Alton Bay Ice Airport web page. Last week Paul Fleming took these pics. Looks like he was heading down wind for runway One.

Alton Bay Ice Airport ~  3-13-07 - The latest hangar talk about the ice airport was that Glen tried to push the snow with his truck but the snow refused to move. And, with the latest warming trend, the lakes and ponds might be loosing their ice covering in the not to distant future. I drove by the ice airport last Friday and although it was a beautiful sunny day in the mid 20's, it was clear that the snow had claimed victory over the ice runway. We'll keep you posted...

Alton Bay Ice Airport ~  3-3-07 - The ice airport was looking pretty good recently due to the hard work of Glen Horne and Kenn Ortmann and his helpers with their plowing equipment on the ice. Taking advantage of their fine work is CFI Mike MacMahon and his student pilot. Check out these great shots taken by Mike of the ice airport.

Landing On The Ice ~ 2-11-07 - Thanks to Todd Warfield for this great picture taken from 50J.Wondering what's it's like to land on the ice? Just ask Todd. If you'd like to try it but may have some concerns than give us a call and our experienced instructors can brief you on any extra precaution to help you enjoy your flying experience. If you've been flying in the winter and on icy runways than you've got a pretty good idea what's involved. Needless to say, hard braking is not an option, so your short field landing skills will come in handy.

How Not To Land On The Ice ~ 2-11-07 - Here's an interesting video sent in by Carl Tyler. He was at the Alton Bay Ice Airport Saturday and had his video camera with him and manage to catch a landing that was... shall we say, less than perfect... but had a dramatic correction.  If you're used to landing on a big black runway with big white lines down the middle... well, some folks may need a little practice on final approach. A little practice at a small airport before trying the ice might be helpful, or better yet, give one of our instructors a call and make your first ice landing with confidence.

Pictures by Lynn Lentz
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lynn-03.jpg lynn-02.jpg lynn-01.jpg dan-crop.jpg mike11r-crop.jpg
Now, you're probably wondering if the jet landed on the ice?
Mike advised me that the jet DID land on the ice, but it was a "touch and go". 

ON THE ICE! ~ Feb. 3, 05 - Every flight is a new experience, and landing on the ice at Alton Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee adds another dimension. Who knows, you might see a beautifully restored Cessna 170. Here's Mike talking with Tony while I take a few pictures of this sharp looking aircraft. In one of the pictures the white dot is actually a snow machine coming down the bay. That's Tony coming in on final. Incidentally, he did a 3 point landing and I think he used 300 feet or maybe less. At any rate, it wasn't very much.

More Alton Bay Ice Airport ~Jan 30, 05 - Click here to see Alton Bay Ice Airport on FinalWhat a beautiful day to go flying, I said. Hey, why don't you tryout the ice airport at Alton Bay Tony (OVA)  said. Mike said I'll go with you! How could I say no. Here's my chance to land at a sea plane airport with wheels. At least that how it shows up  on my sectional. Check it out it's B18 on the sectional chart. While we were there, we met up with Tony (another Tony) and his Cessna 170 that's been beautifully restore by Tony with I'm sure many hours of dedicated work. I'll be posting more pictures showing some of Tony's 170 and the Ice airport. In this picture, we're on final for 01, taken by my copilot Mike.

Alton Bay Ice Airport ~Jan 29, 05 - The Alton Bay airport is up and running. Here's some pictures sent in by Paul.

MORE PICS FROM ALTON BAY ICE AIRPORT! ~  Feb. 28, 04 - You can also get a lot of information about the ice airport at the AANH website.

Alton Bay Ice Runway ~  Feb. 16, 04 - Here's another great pic from Mike McMahon. This picture was taken at Alton Bay where you can get a ride from one our planes. There's two sizes here; large and super size.

ICE RUNWAY ~  Feb. 10, 04 - Take a ride at Alton Bay, airplane ride that is! Yes, there's an ice runway there and you just might see one of our planes sitting on the ice waiting to take you for a ride (on and ) above Lake Winnipesaukee.