What's New?
EAA 225 April meeting, 11 April 2017   4-10-17: Bill Beauvais, Ultralight Chapter 67 president, will have a presentation on Corvair engines for aircraft.  Specifically, he recently attended Corvair College and built up his engine.   He will have a powerpoint presentation and most likely some show and tell on the build process.  It should be quite interesting. The meeting is this coming Tuesday, April 11th.  Meeting starts at 7:00PM and come early to socialize.  MORE
Sun'n Fun Begins  4-5-17: First major US fly-in kicks off in Fla. The Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Florida is the first major US fly-in of 2017. The event begins 4-4-17 and will feature AOPA's Cessna 172 Sweepstakes plane. Tuesday morning, the show’s management reports that vendor attendance is the highest in the show’s history and is up 25 percent from the 2016 numbers. Sun 'n Fun director Lites Leenhouts told reporters Tuesday morning that he sees increased participation as a sign the economy has turned a corner.
VFR In April  4-4-17:  Another surprise snow storm hits New England in April. April 1st to be exact. I think I spent around 3 hours cleaning up the snow. It was thick, wet and made the snow blowers earn their keep. On April 3rd a blue sky vfr day appeared and many pilots took to the skies to take advantage of the nice weather. Waiting for planes to take off and finding a spot to enter downwind because of traffic on a Monday afternoon is not a common occurrence. I was even #2 on take-off at Hampton. When I flew over Pease I thought it looked like 12 F-15's on the ramp. Are we getting ready for something?
Private Drones In The US  3-25-17:  According to AOPA, by 2021 the number of private drones in the US will reach 3.6 million, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, tripling the 2016 total. Robotic technology is rapidly growing and coming out of the laboratories and factories out into mainstream consumer products. Some of the advances of scientific and industrial robots are pretty amazing. Check out this recent release from Boston Dynamics called “Handle,” can operate in tough environments - in the snow and over uneven terrain. The 6.5-foot-tall robot moves at 9 mph on wheels and can manage four-foot vertical jumps. This thing looks more like an AutoBot.
VFR In March 2017  3-19-17:  March is here and spring is around the corner... almost. The great snow storm of March 2017 created some record snow for this time of the year. Some people were talking about getting their lawnmowers ready but it might be a few days before the grass becomes visible again. Three days after the storm the blue sky returned and 50+ mile visibility allowed you to see Crawford Notch from Skyhaven and the Boston skyline flying over Pease airport. Check out the video to see a transition of Portsmouth Class "D" Airspace crossing the runway centerline midfield at 1600 feet.
EAA 225 March 2017 Meeting 3-12-17  Hello Everyone, Guess I should have checked the weather before sending out the newsletter. In any case EAA 225’s Dinner/Meeting has been moved from tonight to Thursday, March 16, same times apply. Stay safe out there during this storm. Regards, Gerry

FAA Pilot's Handbook Updated
3-13-17 CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONThe FAA website that has the handbooks and Manuals in pdf format and ready for download is pretty comprehensive. Each chapter is a separate download with high resolution graphics. You can also download the whole book in one low res pdf file that's only about 58 MB. Meeting the private pilot currency requirements can be challenging and requires a constant vigilance on staying up-to-date with airspace changes, biennials, and of course, piloting skills. Actually, the order of importance would be reversed. All the knowledge in the world won't help if your piloting skills are not up to date.
EAA 225 March 2017 Newsletter 3-12-17  Hello Everyone, Hope you all find the newsletter interesting.  Please note there are some really great EAA webinars for the balance of March and for April.  Enjoy! Regards, Gerry

Winter Storm Watch For Tuesday 3-12-17 Here's what I call a clear, concise, and linear weather forecast. He starts with Sunday at the west coast and takes you to New England on Wednesday. March started with an LIFR day and promises to cover any grass recently exposed by the melting snow.