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Autonomous Refueling The X-47B With An Omega K-707 Tanker.
10-28-15: This year, Northrop Grumman Corporation completed testing of a refueling operations with the X-47B autonomous fighter. That's right, autonomous as in "no pilot!" Not only is there no pilot, but the aircraft is given a command to move into position and refuel and a computer program flies and guides the aircraft into the refueling drogues that's being dragged from an Omega K-707 tanker.
The Omega K-707 tanker is a company which provides aerial refueling services for the military. Omega developed the first commercial aerial refueling aircraft in 1999, and has provided aerial refueling services under contract to the United States Navy since 2001.
The company has also supported the Royal Australian Air Force training exercises due to delays to the delivery of the Air Force's KC-30A tankers. I wonder how much of the military refueling will be turned over to the commercial sector? 
Flying In The Dark 10-20-15  Taking night pictures can be a challenge unless you have the right equipment. It seems like the automatic setting can't self-adjust for unusual scenes like nighttime aerial photos. Then you need to master the manual modes and tweak all the technical settings manually to get that perfect shot. (Easier said then done...)



FlyThisSim Flight Simulator at Skyhaven  10-18-15: Congratulations to the Skyhaven Flying Club who recently obtained and installed a new flight simulator from FlyThisSim.com. Dave Todaro of the Skyhaven Flying Club gave a demo to the club members of the new installation in the pilot lounge at Skyhaven Airport. The simulator is currently setup for the clubs Skyhawk and Cirrus SR20 and is only available for the club members. Dave is excited to offer the simulator to the club members and gives the club pilots an opportunity to study and review the complexities of the SR20 while sitting in the comfort of the Skyhaven pilot lounge. For more information you can visit the club website at: 

EAA 225 Meeting Oct 13  10-13-15: From the presidentís shop, Well itís the second Tuesday of the month and that means our monthly meeting is coming up.  Tuesday, October 13th is our meeting date and we will be serving up our BBQ dinner at 6PM with the meeting to follow at 7PM. This monthís meeting will feature a slideshow of the last three Fly-Ins the the Waco D attended as well as EAAís Chapter Video Magazine for October.  It was a great season for the Waco D and the weather really cooperated.  From the most spectacular Oshkosh to no rain in Blakesburg, Iowa to fall weather in Brodhead, Wisconsin, it just couldnít get any better.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

FAA Safety Seminar at Port City Air  10-7-15: Title: New England Mid-Air Collision Avoidance Seminar (NEMACS), Topic: Learn to Avoid Mid-Air Collistions, Date and Time: Saturday, October 24, 2015, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONstarting at 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time Download Calendar File, Brief Description: Military and General Aviation aircraft CLICK HERE TO VISIT PORT CITY AIRshare the same airspace, but use it very differently. This event is an opportunity for military and civilian pilots to meet and exchange ideas on how we can work together to avoid mid-air collisions. The seminar starts at 10am, with aircraft tours and a trade-show style "meet and greet" to follow. Attendance is limited to active pilots, other flight crew and student pilots. Due to limited ramp space, all fly-ins should register at http://www.portcityair.com/nemacs/. A complimentary lunch will be served by Great Circle Catering.

VFR In October 10-4-15: Fall is in the air and the cooler weather is coming back. Every now and then when you stop by the airport, you might catch a hangar door open to reveal some of the various aircraft that live at Skyhaven. At this flight I happened to catch a glimpse of a beautiful 1968 Beech Bonanza. If you have ever thought about building a house right next to a runway you might checkout the for sale sign at Littlebrook Airport. There's not to many airplanes tied down in the grass, but down on the south end there's some hangars with some pretty special kit planes that show themselves every now and then.