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VFR In September 9-19-15: This is the longest summer I can remember in a long time. 80 degree CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE PICTURESweather in September? I suspect a turn-a-round is coming shortly and the winter jackets will be coming out of the closet. In the meantime, the calm winds and clear sky's make for an extremely smooth ride in a single engine aircraft. How about poking a hole in the Pease (Portsmouth) airspace and peeking at the hidden aircraft in hangars at Hampton airport. Nice new hard surface runway but I bet the locals miss the grass and are anxious for the parallel grass strip to be opened.

HANGAR 5 Maintenance & Repair 9-13-15: The planes come and go from hangar five with a variety of work and service by Glen Horne. Whether it's an old antique, a refurbished warbird, a Skyhawk, Piper, just about anything that will fit in the hangar, actually, even if it doesn't fit in the hangar,  hangar 5 is where your plane can be repaired and put back into service. If you're happy with the service and you feel like hunting some black bear in the north woods of New Hampshire, Glen can help you out there as well. If that's not exciting enough, how about a canoe trip down the Alagash river winding through the woods, navigation around and over rapids that may or may not decide it's time to take a swim.

Greenville International Seaplane Fly-In 9-8-15: The Greenville Seaplane Base, one mile west of the Greenville Municipal Airport, (3B1), on the southernmost tip of Moosehead Lake is the site of the 42nd Annual International Seaplane Fly-In.

EAA 225 meeting , Tuesday - September 8th  9-8-15: This month’s meeting will feature two Chapter Video magazines from EAA for us to enjoy.  As we had a very full meeting in August with Scott’s pictures, we have August and September’s videos to share. Included in these videos are: a prize for the Hints for Homebuilders, the history of the the deHavilland Mosquito, all about sparks plugs, an Airventure Highlight Video, Project Give Flight, John Moody (Father of Ultralights) and a Hints for Homebuilders section on keeping cable ends from fraying. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
Blue Angels At Brunswick Airport  9-7-15: Did you get to see them? I missed them this year, but it sounds like they're back at Brunswick. The world renowned U.S. Navy Blue Angels appeared at the Brunswick Air Show with their F/A-18 Hornets. Performers got underway just after noon. Among the acts, “Sky dancer” Anna Serbeninko performed aerial acrobatics, and Kent Pietsch with his aerial comedy act along with a U.S. F-22 raptor high over the runway. According to the Bangor Daily News, cars were at a standstill on Route 1 in Brunswick Saturday morning while tens thousands of fans poured into the Brunswick Landing for the 2015 Great State of Maine Air Show.
Here's some pics sent in from Peter Bruckner:

Convoluted Airspace  9-2-15: AOPA has a safety advisory that's called "Airspace For Everyone" and CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONdescribes the airspace as complex and convoluted, but with a little study it can make sense. There seems to be a rule out there that says to increase safety you need to increase complexity. Enter ADS-B (an acronym for “Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast”) out and in. As of 2020, any place you fly that requires a transponder will require a device equipped with ADS-B out. But, there is more to the complexity part. Here's a graphic of the ADS-B requirements. A new feature added to maintain complexity is a special line at 10,000 feet. Wait there's more. They also talk about two systems, UAT (Universal Access Transceiver) or 1090ES as in "Extended Squitter." Which system should you use? It sounds like the UAT system might be more popular in single engine aircraft. The UAT system also has the options of TIS/B AND FIS/B. However, Garmin is suggesting that you might want to consider combining the benefits of having both 1090ES and UAT equipment... what? Yes, you can buy a transponder that complies with current mode C and mode S requirements along with some GPS capabilities in one box. Then, you can get a UAT device that has all the bandwidth advantages for things like TIS/B AND FIS/B options. And, all of this data will appear on your new MFD, providing it is compatible with the ADS-B equipment. It might be noted that a synonym for "convoluted" is "tortuous."

The Fastest Lycoming I0-320 In The World? 8-30-15: AOPA is calling the plane the "fastest four cylinder airplane in the world." Students from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil, led by professor and raceplane designer Paulo Iscold, claimed five world speed records with their new airplane, Anequim with pilot Gunar Armin setting a top speed of 324 mph. The inside of the cockpit looks about the size of a soapbox derby. So, if your BMI is in the big boy range, you won't be piloting this plane soon. I haven't found what the G limit is on that wing, but it looks awful thin. The engine is said to be a super modified Lycoming IO-360 (used on Skyhawks) that runs "quite a bit over the red line 2700 rpm," and produces 278 horsepower. What did they do to soup up the engine to produce 278 hp from a 180 hp engine? Another item they reference is a special propeller from Catto. At first glance, the prop seems to maintain a sharp airfoil shape right down to the hub as opposed to the rounding effect you normally see in a Skyhawk. Iscold travels the world as race engineer for Paul Bonhomme’s Red Bull Air Race team

E-FAN 1, 2 & 4 8-27-15: Flying magazine and other aviation editorials are talking about how Airbus has committed into the development of the electric powered aircraft and is working with some big names in the E-FAN 1aircraft industry to make it happen. They claim to be using the general aviation aircraft industry as a platform for proving their design concepts with the eventual idea of designing  a commercial airplane powered by electric ducted fans. The E-Fan 1 has been making appearances at airshows and airports around the world. Now they are saying they will be building a factory in France that will make the E-Fan 2 and 4, a two place and four place electric powered plane. The electric motors developed by Siemens have a 5:1E-FAN 2 & 4 power to weight ratio compared to a power to weight ratio of 2:1 used in electric cars. The E-Fan 4 will carry a bunch of lithium ion batteries that will give it about one hour of flight. They also talk about carrying a 200 horsepower diesel burning jet fuel engine that will drive a generator that will supply power for the electric motors and recharge the batteries. (Isn't that how they powered diesel electric motors in submarines?) The E-Fan 4 is expected to give similar price and performance to today's gasoline piston planes (they reference a $400,000 Cessna Skyhawk) but would burn 25 to 50 percent less fuel. The first production E-Fan 2.0 is scheduled to make its first flight in 2017. Both the 2.0 and 4.0 will have twin fans and electric motors, T-tail, canopy and winglets. If you don't mind squeezing into a small cockpit like some of the light sport aircraft you might like like the E-fan 4.

Watching Lightning From The ISS 8-20-15: Living on the International Space Station has some unique views of the earth that no one has ever seen before. A recent discovery by scientist is a phenomena called "sprites." Apparently, with severe lightning storms, when a bolt of lightning flashes it not only sends a bolt of light to the ground, but it also sends electrically charged particles into the ionosphere called sprites. Below is a picture taken from the ISS of a sprite over northern Mexico. The green ban is charged oxygen particles in the ionosphere about 80 miles up. The ISS is 249 miles up and traveling around 17,000 mph. Talk about a Kodak moment...

Tecnam P2010 Will Blow You Away?  8-18-15: AOPA  magazine features a Tecnam P2010 on the front cover that seems to be targeting the world of Skyhawk pilots. Did they really bring the old Skyhawk design out of the 20th century and into the future with modern updates that makes it leave the Skyhawk in the dust? It seems some people are saying yes, and others are saying maybe. Some say it looks like a Cessna Cardinal with a make-over. One thing for certain, the rear access door seems to truly say, "I'm a four place airplane." It cruises 9 knots faster than a Skyhawk, the cabin is 5 inches wider, and it has a rear door, and similar to the Cardinal, it has a larger front door so you can get your feet in and out without doing yoga contortions. 
But, what about the Flight Design C4? Not only does it have a door on the right side of the rear seat, but it has a two piece front and rear door on the left side that when opened together creates one large opening that definitely has a wow factor. It also cruises at 155 knots along with its cantilevered no strut wing! Price wise, the P2010 claims to be less than a Skyhawk, but you're still basically in the 1/4 million dollar market. That's probably why a lot of flight schools are using 1970 and 1980 vintage hawks with old gps receivers that have postage stamp size coarse pixel green screens. Some people don't think these new Skyhawk look-alikes are going to fill the gap. In comes Sporty's 172LITE with their version of a  2 seat trainer where you don't have to worry about not being able to fill the fuel tanks because you'll be over gross weight.

VFR In August  8-12-15: Going on a VFR cross country at this time of the year is great especially if you have a destination that includes some activities like site seen or maybe attend a show. How about taking some friends for a ride and flying up to northern Vermont. Crossing the western part of the White Mountains can offer a great variety of sights from the lakes region to Mount Moosilauke, a 4,802-foot-high mountain at the southwestern end of the White Mountains in the town of Benton, New Hampshire.

EAA 225 Newsletter And Young Eagles Info  8-11-15: Hello Everyone, Here’s the August issue of our chapter newsletter, Enjoy. Regards, Gerry
From: stevenarichard@gmail.com, Subject: YOUNGEAGLES@SANFORDAUG29.  Greeting EAA’s and friends. We are planning our last Young Eagles event of this year at Sanford Saturday August 29 2015. The past events at Sanford and Rochester were a huge success, thanks to everybody help. I would like to continue this trend. Pilots, if you would like to fly please let me know. We are looking for the all important ground support for set up and food prep and sales, if you can, help please do. I will be emailing set up times and reminders as the event get closer. So far this year we have flown over 200 young eagles( I have lost count ) I have attach a poster and a information flyer please feel free to past along and or post. Thank you all, Steve.

Aerobatic Aircraft At Skyhaven ~ 8-6-15: New England Aerobatics Club will be holding a practice session at Skyhaven on Saturday, September 5th with a rain date of Sunday September 6th. Having the airport next to the highway gives people a chance to take advantage of seeing special aircraft gathered at the airport for various activities. Once in a while you might get a free show just by watching the local club practice their skills. Click on the black Pitts icon and see some pictures sent in by Peter Bruckner.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONFAA Safety Seminar ~  8-6-15: Title: Cross Country Challenge
Topic: Cross Country Challenge, Date and Time: Thursday, September 3, 2015, starting at 19:00 Eastern Daylight Time,  Location of Seminar: Southern NH University, 2500 N. River Road, Dining Center, Banquet Hall #2, Hooksett, NH 03106. Speaker(s): AOPA ASI Presenter, Brief Description: When we talk about safety, we normally tackle one issue at a time—thunderstorms one day, taxi clearances the next. But out in the real world, any given flight can bring together a whole range of interconnected safety issues.

Soviet Space Shuttle Drone? 8-4-15: A long time ago back in September CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AMAZING DESERTED HANGAR1988 after the American space shuttle program was restarting following the Challenger disaster,  the Russian's sent their version and look alike of the space shuttle called "Buran" up and orbited the planet twice and made a nearly perfect landing without any humans on board!  So, back in 1988 the Russian's had a spacecraft capable of flying people and cargo into space and back without any pilots? The short answer is yes! Soon afterwards, the Soviet Union collapsed and the whole project was abandoned. It looks as if they literally just stopped everything and left everything exactly were it was during a regular workday. Ever do a project around the house and leave your tools and equipment spread out everywhere until the project's done? What happens if you don't finish the project?

Above Class A Airspace 7-29-15: Popular Science recently featured several companies that plan to give balloon rides up to 100,000 feet. I wonder who the pilots will be talking to when they pass through the top of the class A airspace of 60,000 feet. "Hello Boston Center, we are with you at 60,000 feet climbing to 100,000." A company called World View Experience in Tucson Arizona, is currently taking $7,500 deposits to reserve a seat on future flights which are projected to start around 2017 for around $75,000 per person. How many tickets would you like? Here is another creative way for wealthy people to spend their money. When you've traveled around the world several times, own several homes in different countries, own the car, house and boat (yacht) of you dreams, what else is there? How about sipping on a Martini looking out the window at the Grand Canyon from 100,000 feet... and for only $75,000. You can spend that amount taking your family on an ocean cruise.

SuperTruth & IonoSTAGE 7-25-15: A lot of technical talk is buzzing the internet about the WAAS system. The simple definition of WAAS from Garmin is: "Basically, it's a system of satellites and ground stations that provide GPS signal corrections, giving you even better position accuracy." In an article from NASA, Ratheon has developed two computer programs called, SuperTruth and IonoSTAGE, that correct data collected from the GPS signals from satellites that is combined with 38 ground based stations in the United States. A problem with the GPS signals is error caused by constant changes in the ionosphere that causes shifts and delays in the signals. SuperTruth and IonoSTAGE correct the data from 100 m to something less that 3m which is then sent back to special GPS satellites for distribution into the WAAS system. And... it gives you that three dimensional accuracy without any navigational equipment at the airport.

TFR ALERT For Martha's Vineyard 7-22-15: Looks like the FAA is turning up the heat on TFR violators. Apparently many pilots either do not check the TFR's or could it be they don't realize they are penetrating the perimeter. They wouldn't be doing it on purpose, right? AOPA just sent a new version of the TFR alert with the big bold red banner with do's, don'ts, in's and out's, and when to code and not to code.