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CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONFAA Safety Seminar ~  8-6-15: Title: Cross Country Challenge
Topic: Cross Country Challenge, Date and Time: Thursday, September 3, 2015, starting at 19:00 Eastern Daylight Time,  Location of Seminar: Southern NH University, 2500 N. River Road, Dining Center, Banquet Hall #2, Hooksett, NH 03106. Speaker(s): AOPA ASI Presenter, Brief Description: When we talk about safety, we normally tackle one issue at a time—thunderstorms one day, taxi clearances the next. But out in the real world, any given flight can bring together a whole range of interconnected safety issues.

Soviet Space Shuttle Drone? 8-4-15: A long time ago back in September CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AMAZING DESERTED HANGAR1988 after the American space shuttle program was restarting following the Challenger disaster,  the Russian's sent their version and look alike of the space shuttle called "Buran" up and orbited the planet twice and made a nearly perfect landing without any humans on board!  So, back in 1988 the Russian's had a spacecraft capable of flying people and cargo into space and back without any pilots? The short answer is yes! Soon afterwards, the Soviet Union collapsed and the whole project was abandoned. It looks as if they literally just stopped everything and left everything exactly were it was during a regular workday. Ever do a project around the house and leave your tools and equipment spread out everywhere until the project's done? What happens if you don't finish the project?

Above Class A Airspace 7-29-15: Popular Science recently featured several companies that plan to give balloon rides up to 100,000 feet. I wonder who the pilots will be talking to when they pass through the top of the class A airspace of 60,000 feet. "Hello Boston Center, we are with you at 60,000 feet climbing to 100,000." A company called World View Experience in Tucson Arizona, is currently taking $7,500 deposits to reserve a seat on future flights which are projected to start around 2017 for around $75,000 per person. How many tickets would you like? Here is another creative way for wealthy people to spend their money. When you've traveled around the world several times, own several homes in different countries, own the car, house and boat (yacht) of you dreams, what else is there? How about sipping on a Martini looking out the window at the Grand Canyon from 100,000 feet... and for only $75,000. You can spend that amount taking your family on an ocean cruise.

SuperTruth & IonoSTAGE 7-25-15: A lot of technical talk is buzzing the internet about the WAAS system. The simple definition of WAAS from Garmin is: "Basically, it's a system of satellites and ground stations that provide GPS signal corrections, giving you even better position accuracy." In an article from NASA, Ratheon has developed two computer programs called, SuperTruth and IonoSTAGE, that correct data collected from the GPS signals from satellites that is combined with 38 ground based stations in the United States. A problem with the GPS signals is error caused by constant changes in the ionosphere that causes shifts and delays in the signals. SuperTruth and IonoSTAGE correct the data from 100 m to something less that 3m which is then sent back to special GPS satellites for distribution into the WAAS system. And... it gives you that three dimensional accuracy without any navigational equipment at the airport.

TFR ALERT For Martha's Vineyard 7-22-15: Looks like the FAA is turning up the heat on TFR violators. Apparently many pilots either do not check the TFR's or could it be they don't realize they are penetrating the perimeter. They wouldn't be doing it on purpose, right? AOPA just sent a new version of the TFR alert with the big bold red banner with do's, don'ts, in's and out's, and when to code and not to code.