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Northern Lights  8-24-14: 

For those of us living below the arctic
circle, the northern lights is something
that we do not see very often.
Most pictures come from Sweden, Norway and Finland.
But if you happen to be flying around the planet on the International Space
Station, your vantage point is going to give you the most spectacular
view you can get. This picture was taken by an ISS astronaut and posted on his
Twitter page. The northern lights are caused by an explosion on the Sun called
a coronal mass ejection that blast a cloud of gas at the earth and lights up as
a glowing torch at the north and south poles.
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Boman Field Fly-In  8-16-14:

SKYHAVEN RUNWAY PROJECT  8-12-14: In case you haven't been keeping up with the news updates on the runway status you might want to take a look at some pictures I took yesterday while in the pattern. Yes, on final for 33 you will be flying over heavy duty paving and construction equipment.
Oh, and don't forget, do not cross the white line onto the yellow chevrons. Click on the icons for more info.

Parlin Field Camp-out  8-12-14: 


Cumulonimbus Clouds  8-11-14: Studying for a private pilot license requires a level of understanding of weather and cloud formation. Learning and reading about them is one thing, but personally witnessing them is another. Here's a pic sent in by Peter of a cloud formation he took on his way back to Skyhaven last Saturday. Click on the icon on the right to enlarge to see what Peter saw looking out the window of his plane.

Notches In The TFR 8-9-14: I haven't seen this before. It looks like we have the TFR people giving a little leeway to some of the surrounding airports. A close look at the Martha's Vineyard TFR shows two little notches on the perimeter of the TFR. So, no excuses for crossing the line... let the flyer beware...

VIP TFR over Martha's Vineyard 8-5-14: Taking a ride to the cape in August might prove to be a bit of a challenge. What kind of escorts will be provided to any GA pilots violating the TFR has not been publicized but the F-15's (do they still use F-15's?) at Otis or maybe some Blackhawk helicopters are on standby somewhere. 

WACO CG-4A Combat Glider, Operation Overlord  8-01-14: The stories about aviation in world war II seem endless. The number of different designs for aircraft were not short on ideas. One obscure aircraft that was designed by WACO for the military for a mission on D-Day was the WACO CG-4A combat glider. NOVA on PBS put together a recreation of the glider mission working with a french computer company called Dassault Systemes. One aspect of the program shows how they made the computer model by looking at unreadable old WW-II drawings and combining what information they could get by using optical laser measuring equipment to measure a Waco CG-4A in a museum in Granite Falls MN. AOPA and other organizations talk about the joy of flying, but in WWII the opportunity to satisfy the need for an adrenaline rush went way beyond the definition of excitement. I might hesitate to climb on board an aircraft with the nickname, "Flying Coffins." (Click on underlined words for more information.)
Morphing Flaps & Ailerons  7-26-14: A few months ago we had an article about wing warping research being done with NASA and Boeing. There must be some new technology in the material sciences out there that companies have discovered. Here's another company called Flexsys, that claims to have solved the material stress limits that have prevented excessive bending of a material without damage. If you take a spoon out of the silverware drawer and bend the handle 90 degrees to the spoon and then let go of the spoon, well, we all know what will happen. The handle will stay 90 degrees to the spoon. However, this newly discovered material will allow the trailing edge of a wing to bend the same movements as a flap or aileron and spring back to normal shape with no stress cracks or wrinkles. I wonder if David Copperfield has anything to do with this?
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CLICK HERE TO SEE TFR NOTICEMore Info on VIP TFR over Martha's Vineyard 7-25-14 In a circulated email letter by Dawn Wright, ATC Support Specialist, Cape TRACON, more information is being disseminated about the Martha's Vineyard upcoming TFR. She talks about pilot deviations, beacon codes, and flight advisories. Click on the icon on the right for more information.

Skyhaven Flying Club Meeting & Runway Information  7-19-14: As the runway construction project progresses, it is important that pilots be informed with the latest information. Currently, runway 33 has a new location that's out by the windsock. Dan Heeter of the Skyhaven Flying Club reviewed some of the details about the runway project with some helpful tips about airport and aircraft specifications. Click on the windsock for more information.

Wing Over Wiscasset  7-18-14: 

VIP TFR over Martha's Vineyard 7-17-14: Here's an unusual alert from AOPA about the Presidential TFR for the presidents vacation at Martha's Vineyard in August.
"The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in support of the United States Secret Service, will be issuing a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The TFR is expected to be in effect from August 9, 2014 until August 24, 2014. Any supporting TFRs will be published in future NOTAM(s). The times for this TFR have not yet been determined. Check  NOTAMs for latest information.



Pick up a Passport form at a participating airport or download it here:

Passport Run Instructions

PRIZE: (For a couple)
Attend a show for free at the ROCHESTER OPERA HOUSE, Free lodging at the GOVERNORSí INN, and enjoy free transportation by FELICIANO LIMO from/to the airport.

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VIP TFR over New York 7-14-14: 
FAA to establish VIP TFR over New York, NY on Thursday, July 17, 2014

ALL ELECTRIC FLIGHT SIMULATOR 7-13-14 Flight simulators for commercial and military pilots have been using platforms mounted on what's called a hexapod table which consist of six hydraulic cylinders that create the motion. However, with the advance in electric motor technology, they are replacing the hydraulic cylinders with electric drive shafts on ball screws. Magnets made of a rare earth material called neodymium is what makes this all possible.
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VFR in July   7-9-14: It's not raining and a nice blue sky. Let's go for a ride before the severe storms come in. I heard last night that 30,000 up northern NH were out of electric power until this morning. Trees uprooted in Ohio and Pennsylvania and Maryland. Fortunately, we haven't had any major damage around the seacoast area. The winds today were out of the west gusting to 18. Here's a few pics of the day.


FAA Safety Seminar at Sanford Airport  7-8-14: 
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EAA Oshkosh July 28 to Aug 3  7-6-14: Going to Oshkosh this year? If you like a big crowd then this is the place you want to be. If you have any pictures from the event send them in and we'll post them for everyone to see.