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TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN  ~ 11-24-16:  The ads and excitement are starting to ramp up on the rare and unusual for 2017. 2016 seems to be a year for unusual events and it looks like 2017 might continue the trend, only this time with some predictability and science involved. In the line arc shown in the add below, people standing (or sitting) within 67 miles of that arc on August 21, 2017 will witness darkness and a drop in temperature as the moon passes by the sun. It will last for a little over two minutes. But you don't have to go down south or out west to see it. The rest of the U.S. will see a partial eclipse and the show will last for 2-1/2 hours here in the Boston area:


TRUMP TFR ~ 11-19-16  Did you see the TFR for Trump Tower? Right in the middle of the Class B New York airspace. They trimmed it down a little so it wouldn't block the Hudson River corridor. I wonder how many pilots violate the airspace around the corridor. Here's a partial 3D rendering of the class B & C as transparent and the class D and red Trump TFR as solid. veddy interesting...


ROCKET NOTAMS! ~ 11-12-16:  Did you see the "Rocket Notam" today? Data Current as of: Sat, 12 Nov 2016 19:03:00 UTC - KDAW   SKYHAVEN   11/002 - AIRSPACE UNMANNED ROCKET WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 1NM RADIUS OF PSM006014 (2.3NM NNE DAW) SFC-10000FT. 12 NOV 15:00 2016 UNTIL 12 NOV 22:00 2016. CREATED: 11 NOV 11:06 2016 
Unless you fly every day, or every weekend, chances are that you may not have seen this notam before, but it pops up every now and then. However, unfortunately, the notam list do not differentiate between the notam that talks about a tower light that is out versus a potential flight hazard that could cause serious damage. One thing that caught my eye was the altitude for this "rocket" notam. It's ten thousand feet! As in 10,000 feet. Here's what it looks like in 3D. I drew the Class "D" space of Pease for comparison.

CHEMPUTER  Vat-Growing Drones  11-4-16:  BAE Systems and the University of Glasgow are working on an idea to grow military aircraft drones in a large vat of liquid chemicals that will form, shape and assemble a military aircraft. The video below looks looks more like computer sci-fi than an advanced technology. However, you might have seen a video from a company called Carbon3D a while back that shows their new machine growing a plastic part from a liquid. After you watch the below animated video, click HERE to see a more simple version of the real thing.

Android And iPhones ~ 10-29-16: No apps or special programs required for cell phone devices to connect to Skyhavennh.com. You can connect directly to the website
with no lenthy downloads to wait for. Be sure to go to the weather page that fits nicely on android devices also. The weather page is designed to give you instant weather with embedded pictures from popular aviation weather sites. Click on the pic and get more detailed info at that website. For easy access, the menu on the weather page scrolls down the page all the way down to the bottom. Zoom the menu with two fingers and click on a topic for viewing. How about looking up a tail number on LINKS page under NEWS & INFO. Take a look at DUATS. They have a Android friendly page also. Just be sure to have cookies turned on before you go to the DUATS website.

.16: A
Juno Orbiter Arrived At Jupiter in July ~ 10-24-16: 
Traveling at 130,000 mph on its way to Jupiter at 540 million miles away, the Juno orbiter entered orbit on July 4th.  It was launched in 2011 and made an Earth fly-bye for gravity assist to propel it on its way to Jupiter in 2013. It will fly close to Jupiter and analyze Jupiters atmosphere while flying through high radiation that requires protection for its electronic instruments kept in a special box built with 1/2" thick titanium plates. Check out the man silhouette to get a feel for the size of that thing... MORE
VFR In October ~ 10-21-16: Amazing warm weather continues to bathe New England in October. CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE PICTURESIf you go outdoors and forget your jacket you will find that it's not a problem. But we all know the sayings about the changing weather in New England. Winter is around the corner along with the snow and ice. A few days ago the activity seemed to be all around hangar 4. Keep your eyes open when you're at the airport. You never know when a hangar door will open and reveal a hidden treasure.

Aerobatic Aircraft At Skyhaven ~ 10-18-16: New England Aerobatics Club held a practice session at Skyhaven on Saturday, October 15th.  Have you ever heard of them? It is a unique club CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONof pilots who fly aerobatics aircraft. The aerobatics club occasionally uses Skyhaven as a practice airport because of its proximity to wooded areas. According to an article, "Skyhaven has fuel and food locally and a densely wooded area with low population just east of the runway."  Click here to see more information about the NEAC.

EAA 225 Young Eagle Flight Rally  10-12-16 
CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONSunday CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES FROM PREVIOUS RALLIESOctober 16, 2016 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM, KDAW - Skyhaven Airport, Rochester, NH, EAA 225 hosts last Young Eagle Flight Rally for 2016 at Skyhaven Airport, Rochester, NH  The event is open to all kids age 8 to 17 and the event may include registration, a mini ground school, free flight, a certificate commemorating the flight signed by the pilot and Sean Tucker. The Chapter will also be sponsoring a Pancake Breakfast from 8:30 am to 11 am and a BBQ lunch at 12 noon. Proceeds help supoort our aviaiton scholarship open to student pilots from age 15 to 25.  The $1000 plus scholarship is awarded to aspiring pilots who are enrolled in area airport flight training programs. The application form is available online at the Chapter web site.

BOEING 787 10-3-16  What does it take to make a 787? How about 5,400 suppliers in 38 U.S. states and 19 countries. This excerpt from Digital Engineering talks about the complexity and extremely large numbers required to build a 787.

BANGOR TFR ALERT! 9-29-16 BANGOR, ME ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 . A NOTAM has been published (FDC 6/0842) that will affect flight in the area during President Obama's planned visit. 

Runway Assessment and Condition Reporting, Effective October 1, 2016  9-28-16 Here's a excerpt from Steve's Bourque email about RCAM that takes effect on October 1st. "The FAA is implementing some changes to the way airports report runway surface contamination such as ice, snow and slush and even water.  These changes are intended to convey runway conditions to pilots which they can use to assess how the contaminants will affect their particular aircraft's performance.  The RCAM (Runway Condition Assessment Matrix) is designed to more objectively convey runway conditions through a NOTAM.  Embedded in the field condition NOTAM's you will now see a Runway Condition Code (RwyCC) which is a numerical value from between 0 to 6, with 6 being dry pavement."  more...

VFR in SEPTEMBER 9-24-16:  Record breaking sunshine and warm temperatures have contributed to beautiful VFR flying with visibility's of 30 to 50 miles on a regular basis. Going for a ride in September in 80 degree weather is unusual to say the least.