What's New?
Springtime Rain  5-25-15: If you've taken a break from flying over the winter, you might have to take another break this week. Instead of shooting touch-n-go's you can fire up the Garmin GS430 simulator and make a flight plan (FPL button) for the Pilot Passport Run. You can't beat an analog graph to some up the weekly data.

Cessna Stationair on Take-off  5-23-15: As the horsepower goes up in single engine aircraft, there is a distinct snapping sound that the propeller gives that lets you know it's not a Skyhawk.

Presidential TFR in Conn  5-19-15: NOTAMs (FDC 5/2939 and FDC 5/2940) have been published that will affect flight in the area during President Obama's planned visit.

We Have A Winner  5-18-15: Sporty's Pilot Shop that is, has announced a winner for their airplane give away contest. A brand new Van's RV-12 light sport. Van's aircraft have a reputation for being well built, fast and economical to operate. The RV-12 has a very unique feature compared to other light sports where you can seat two 210 lb people, 20 gallons of fuel and 50 lbs of baggage something rare in the Light Sport Category. I've flown a couple of light sports and the FBO's try to keep the fuel tank no more than half full to stay under gross weight. It would have been nice for someone around here to have won the RV-12 but unfortunately the winner lives in California.

Skyhaven Runway Grand Opening  5-17-15: Here are some pictures of the Fly-in Celebration Grand Opening of the newly reconstructed runway at Skyhaven Airport.

EAA 225 Meeting , Tuesday May 12, 2015  5-11-15: Here's the EAA newsletter.

HumanMachineInterface5-9-1 Engineering and Computer hardware and software editorials are talking more and more about using "gesture movement" to execute computer commands. They are also utilizing solid-state high speed cameras that can track your eye movement. What you are looking at, and where you are looking can cause the computer to execute a command. You can click on the picture to see an article about a company called Visteon that demonstrates eye control of some of the electronics in a simulated car. I hear that the high end cars like Audi, Mercedes, BMW already have HMI's that will make you say wow. A few years ago I talked with a research engineer at a seminar that told me he was working on a camera system that could identify you as you walked into a room by reading the retina in your eye. Although this article is about cars, I have a feeling it's going to creep into aircraft instrument panels in the near future.